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Follow this online HypnoBirthing course to feel calm, empowered
and strong for the birth of your baby | Your teacher is Sophie Kirkham

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Worrying about giving birth? Fed up of your friend’s horror stories? 

Discover How to Have a Positive Birth Experience And learn to be in control every step of the way. 

Reality is sinking in. You are about to have a baby. 

Everyone has become an expert overnight, offering you their advice and delivering their tales of woe. You’re surrounded by a new language made up of words such as “vulva” and ”tearing” that make you squirm.

You have moments of panic and a million and one questions that are whizzing round your head, stressing you out:

  • Will I poo myself in labour?

  • When should we go to the hospital?

  • How painful will it be?

  • Will the doctors and midwives listen to what I want?

  • Do we need a birth plan?

  • What does a birth partner do?

  • How can I help my partner as she’s giving birth?

  • What if I faint?

  • What if one of us can’t cope?

When you do try and talk to someone about your fears and worries, you’re told things like, “women have been giving birth forever, it’ll be fine” or “it’s a bit late to start worrying about that now”.
Feel positive & in control

The best of what I do, delivered in a simple and yet highly effective online home study course.

I'm here to help you achieve what every mum-to-be and partner wants to achieve

  • a calm birth
  • a confident birth
  • a safe birth
  • a positive birth experience and an easier start to parenting

Welcome to the Calm HypnoBirthing Home Study Course

This online class allows you to work through a range of instructional videos and information plus relaxation tracks that will assist you in having the birth you'd like. So sit back, relax and join me as we look at getting your mind and body ready for the amazing experience of birth.


Ben and Fiona: A truly empowering experience, cannot recommend Sophie and the Calm Hypnobirthing team highly enough.  Knowledge is power, and she gave us all the right tools to have a calm and positive labour.

Claire: Absolutely recommend Sophie! We attended classes prior to my son’s birth 3 years ago and then had refresher lessons last year before my daughter’s arrival. We had two fabulous home births in water which we would never have entertained if it wasn’t for Sophie. Not only do the classes/sessions provide an insight into birth (what’s happening, why, how, when...), breathing/birthing techniques and practical advice but more importantly they equipped us with confidence and a sense of control. It is so useful for birthing partners and gave my husband a vital and practical role at both births. I really believe everyone should use Sophie before they have a baby 😀 x

Rosie: Thanks to Sophie's hypnobirthing course, both myself and my partner were totally relaxed and calm during my labour. I felt completely in control and fearless throughout - and my partner knew how best to support me - we had a truly wonderful birth experience as a result.Tiffany: I recently attended Sophie's HypnoBirthing classes and I can't emphasise enough how much this has helped me! Generally I was an anxious person with a tendency to panic, these classes have made me so much more positive and calm towards my pregnancy and the forthcoming birth of my daughter. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to learn how to birth your baby calmly and how to ride each wave as it comes ❤Julia: I was really anxious about birth, especially since my first birth was via CS. After doing the hypnobirthing course and with the help of a doula, I was able to get in "the zone" and concentrate on the meditative exercises we'd practiced with Sophie. That was the best thing I took from the course: practical meditative exercises to bring me back to my body and out of my anxious mind chatter.Nicky: We found Sophie’s course interesting, educational and enjoyable. It most certainly gave us the right tools, techniques and confidence to help us achieve the birth that we hoped for. Not many births go “to plan”, and ours didn’t, but we were prepared. We practiced what Sophie taught us and deployed the tools and techniques we’d learned during labour and the birth. They were soooo beneficial. I recommend hypnobirthing all the time now, and I certainly would recommend Sophie. Thank you Sophie !If you want to remember the birth for all the right reasons, then this course is for you. You can study it in your own home and at a time that suits you. Sign up today for just £77 and start looking forward to your birth.
Sophie Kirkham
Sophie Kirkham
HypnoBirthing Teacher, Doula and Coach

I advise and inspire parents about birth with meaningful antenatal education, the Calm HypnoBirthing. Calm, safe, relaxing birth.

It is my goal now to share the techniques and coping skills of HypnoBirthing with mums-to-be and their birth partners. Working with expectant mothers, fathers and babies is a tremendous privilege, and I am committed to helping you to achieve the calm, comfortable birth you want.

Course Curriculum

Preparing your body for birthing - including your vagina

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by Skylar Knight

by Skylar Knight