Course Description

My Best ever Birth Preparation course, birthed and ready for You xx

This course is my best one yet, I know because it's all I would need and want for birth preparation. HypnoBirthing, Coaching, Breath work, NLP, Clean language, Nutrition, Pregnancy Yoga.... All taught Live. Oh yeah, join us for a 4 week course. 

I will teach 7, 90 minute classes on Thursday evenings and Sunday evenings UK 8PM-9:30PM (UK Time)

On Wednesdays at UK 3PM the beautiful, talented, Birth Doula and Yoga teacher Alexa Dean is teaching 90 minutes of pregnancy yoga. 

I am only working with people I know and trust to bring this amazing content live. 

My partner, Andy Coley will be teaching one of the Sunday session to Birth Partners, covering language, advocacy for the Birthing woman and how to meet her needs.

My long time Facebook Group support and friend Jeanie Kennedy is going to host 3 sessions of additional HypnoBirthing hypnotherapy. AND... a Birth Trauma debrief session for those of you who need that.

Tasha D'Cruz will host two Nourish Yourself, Nourish your Baby sessions - Nutrition low down. Super, super important for us women during pregnancy, post birthing and for life.

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, starting 27th September 2020

All lessons and chapters in this course will then be available in this website, the idea is to join in and watch live with your Birth Partner LIVE using Zoom

For Non-UK birthers

Everything in this course is relevant, no matter where you are located, I have a number of clients in the USA, Australia and beyond and you will have access to the course as well. 

Payment can also be made via PayPal online or via Transferwise if required, contact me for more info on this.

Note: All sessions will be recorded and available in your secure class area.  You'll also have the opportunity to submit a question for Q&A if you are in a timezone that doesn't quite work for the live sessions.

Experienced HypnoBirthing Teacher, Doula and Coach

Sophie Kirkham

Sophie advises and inspires parents about birth with meaningful antenatal education and Calm HypnoBirthing. A calm, safe, and relaxing birth. It's Sophie's goal to share the techniques and coping skills of HypnoBirthing with mums-to-be and their birth partners. Working with expectant mothers, fathers and babies is a tremendous privilege, and Sophie is committed to helping you achieve the calm, comfortable, and drug-free birth you want.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to your Infinite Birth preparation class

    • What to know before we start

    • Lesson plan, dates & links

    • Meet your teachers

    • Tech Support - Using Zoom

  • 2

    Lesson Plan

    • Session 1 with Sophie Kirkham (Sunday 27th September)

    • Hypnosis Session 1 with Jeanie Kennedy (Tuesday 29th September)

    • Session 2 with Sophie Kirkham (Thursday 1st October)

    • Session 3 with Tasha D'Cruz (Sunday 4th October)

    • Hypnosis Session 2 with Jeanie Kennedy (Tuesday 6th October)

    • Post Birth Nutrition - the first 1,000 days with Tasha D'Cruz (Wednesday 7th October)

    • Session 4 with Sophie Kirkham (Thursday 8th October)

    • Session 5 with Sophie Kirkham (Sunday 11th Octoboer)

    • Hypnosis Session 3 with Jeanie Kennedy (Tuesday 13th October)

    • Pregnancy Yoga Session with Alexa Dean (Wednesday 21st October)

    • Session 6 with Andy Coley (Sunday 18th October)

    • Session 8 with Sophie Kirkham (Thursday 22nd October)

  • 3


    • Dropbox Link for HypnoBirthing Tracks, Affirmations and more

    • Sample Birth Wishes Document

    • Birth Bag List & Video

    • When to go (call the midwife)

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