The No Bullshit Birth Plan and online HypnoBirthing Course by Sophie

Feel calm, empowered and strong for the birth of your baby | Your teacher is Sophie Kirkham

Course description

The best of what I do, delivered in a simple and yet highly effective online course.

I'm here to help you achieve what every mum-to-be and partner wants to achieve

  • a calm birth
  • a confident birth
  • a safe birth
  • a positive birth experience and an easier start to parenting

Welcome to the #nobullshitbirthplan

This online course allows you to work through a range of instructional videos and information plus relaxation tracks that will assist you in having the birth you'd like. So sit back, relax and join me as we look at getting your mind and body ready for the amazing experience of birth.

Sophie Kirkham
Sophie Kirkham
HypnoBirthing Teacher, Doula and Coach

I advise and inspire parents about birth with meaningful antenatal education, the Calm HypnoBirthing. Calm, safe, relaxing birth.

It is my goal now to share the techniques and coping skills of HypnoBirthing with mums-to-be and their birth partners. Working with expectant mothers, fathers and babies is a tremendous privilege, and I am committed to helping you to achieve the calm, comfortable birth you want.