Course Description

The Infinite Birth Course is a content-packed, mindset-boosting, hypnotic and relaxing, informative and nutritious, body-readying course, that supports expectant mothers during this precious time. Included in the course are 27 hours of Yoga, Breathwork, Confidence-Boosting, HypnoBirthing, Birth Partner Coaching, Nutrition, and so much more.  

The Infinite Birth Team is ready to serve and support all mums-to-be on their journey to a positive birth, for them, their partners, and their babies. 

Experienced HypnoBirthing Teacher, Doula and Coach

Sophie Kirkham

Sophie advises and inspires parents about birth with meaningful antenatal education and Calm HypnoBirthing. A calm, safe, and relaxing birth. It's Sophie's goal to share the techniques and coping skills of HypnoBirthing with mums-to-be and their birth partners. Working with expectant mothers, fathers and babies is a tremendous privilege, and Sophie is committed to helping you achieve the calm, comfortable, and drug-free birth you want.

Nutritional Therapist

Tasha D'Cruz

Tasha is a nutritional therapist and mindful breastfeeding supporter helping exhausted mums in the first 1000 days of motherhood restore their energy and find their sparkle again so they can truly flourish as a mother. She helps them to have a calm, confident start to motherhood so they have the energy and resilience they need to keep going when it gets challenging.

NLP Trainer

Andy Coley

Andy is an experienced NLP trainer, coach, and speaker as well as Hypnobirthing advocate, Sophie’s partner, occasional Doula, and birth companion when his daughters were both born at home. Andy will be working with the birth partners to provide space and time for them to explore what they need, to be at their best, during the birth.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to your Infinite Birth preparation class

    • What to know before we start

    • Lesson plan, dates & links

    • Meet your teachers

    • Tech Support - Using Zoom

  • 2

    Lesson Plan

    • Sesh 1 with Sophie ~ Thur 16th Sep 20:15 UK for 90 mins

    • Pregnancy Yoga with Alexa. 4 sessions to be used - Monday's 12pm

    • Nourishing Mother & Baby Sesh 1with Tasha ~ Fri 17th Sep 20:15 UK for 90 mins

    • Hypnosis Sesh 1 with Jeanie ~ Tues 21st Sep @ 20:15 UK for 90 mins

    • Sesh 2 with Sophie ~ Thur 23rd Sep 20:15 UK for 90 mins

    • Nourishing Mother & Baby Sesh 2 with Tasha ~ Fri 24th Sep 20:15 UK for 90 mins

    • Birth Partners Sesh 2 with Andy ~ Sun 26th Sep 20:15 UK for 90 mins

    • Hypnosis Sesh 2 with Jeanie ~ Tues 28th Sep @ 20:15 UK for 90 mins

    • Mindful Breastfeeding Sesh 3 with Tash ~ Thur 30th Sep 20:15 UK for 90 mins

    • Hypnosis Sesh 3 with Jeanie ~ Tues 5th Oct @ 20:15 UK for 90 mins

    • Hypnosis Sesh 4 with Jeanie ~ Tues 12th Oct @ 20:15 UK for 90 mins

    • Sesh 3 with Sophie ~ Sun 10th Oct 20:15 UK for 90 mins

  • 3


    • Dropbox Link for HypnoBirthing Tracks, Affirmations and more

    • Sample Birth Wishes Document

    • Birth Bag List & Video

    • When to go (call the midwife)